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341 meeting

Once you file your petition, the bankruptcy court assigns a trustee to oversee your case. The trustee calls a 341 meeting where he will ask you questions about your financial situation. Creditors may also ask you questions at this meeting. You, and your spouse if you are filing a joint petition, MUST attend the meeting. You must show proof of your identity and your social security number to the trustee. Proof of identity is shown usually through a driver's license or government-issued identity card. Proof of social security number is usually shown by a social security card or a W2 if the debtor is not self-employed.

Although the 341 meeting is brief, it can be nerve-wracking. I will be right there with you throughout the hearing to give you legal and emotional support. Often times you will be able to observe other bankruptcy filers' meetings prior to yours being called. This often helps alleviate some of the nervousness that understandably comes when answering the trustee's questions. After this brief meeting, the trustee proceeds with your case and in a matter of a few short months, your debts are discharged.

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